wellness coaching

Wellness coaching is a tool many businesses are now implementing as a part of their strategic plan and wellness initiatives. It can be offered to teams and individuals as requested..  more

team building

Trust is the key component of any successful team. Team building is a highly-effective process that promotes coherent communication, enhances problem-solving skills, and stimulates creativity.  more

leadership development

By applying the DISC Assessment to your organization, you can facilitate growing leaders, build institutional knowledge, strengthen your team, and increase organizational resilience.  DISC is one way to become a stronger leader, a more effective worker, and a more understanding team member.  more

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organizational resilience

As a certified HeartMath® Certified Coach, Kelly can assist your employees and their teams to a “New Way of Being.” This highly efficient and effective approach to resilience is evidenced based and is growing throughout not only the United States but also the world.  more

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