Organizational  Resilience

As a HeartMath® Certified Trainer, Kelly can assist your employees and their teams to a “New Way of Being.” This highly efficient and effective approach to resilience is evidenced based and is growing throughout not only the United States but also the world. HeartMath’s research proves that our emotions affect our energy and our energy affects our resilience. Having more energy means you have greater capacity to self-regulate and be in charge of how you respond in situations. The group coaching sessions provide team members an opportunity to track their thoughts, emotions, energy levels and behaviors. Simple yet powerful breathing techniques, partner sharing and group discussion in a safe environment can empower your team members to be their personal best.

Expected Outcomes:

  Identify depleting stress reactions that affect your health, performance and well-being.

  Neutralize and replace stressful reactions that erode health and mental and emotional composure and resilience.

  Regain vitality by stopping energy drains.

  Increase your ability to think clearly and find more efficient solutions to problems

  Incorporate HeartMath’s emWave® technology into personal practice (optional).

  Observe and identify personal benefits gained from applying self-regulation skills.

  Increase your ability to sustain coherence and composure in challenging situations.

  Prep before potentially stressful or challenging situations.

  Increase awareness of and sensitivity to relational issues.

  Successfully reset by shifting your physiology and reestablishing coherence and composure after stress triggers or incidents.

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